Client Testimonials-SCL

Southeast Clinical Laboratories, headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with an additional facility in Montgomery, AL takes pride in giving every client reliable results that integrate with their existing EMR/EHR in order to provide high-quality customer service for the patients they serve. Southeast Clinical provides quick turnaround times which are needed for doctors to diagnose their patients.

Since its founding, the laboratory’s mission has been to provide personalized, high-quality laboratory services to patients, physicians, and healthcare communities of the Southeast. The lab’s staff is dedicated to building customized solutions that provide the accurate results and quick turnaround times needed to make crucial healthcare decisions.

The Challenge:

“This is my second commercial clinical laboratory venture, and as with my first, I was looking for a laboratory information system that was scalable and could grow as my business grew. I also was looking for a highly-customizable solution that would allow me to meet my clients’ specific needs. In both situations, I selected Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems; it’s just a very good system,” said Nicole Boyd, President and CEO of Southeast Clinical Laboratories.

The Solution:

Southeast Clinical Laboratories has installed Seacoast’s SurroundLab™ Plus, a fully customizable, feature-rich laboratory information system designed specifically for the commercial marketplace. SurroundLab provides Southeast with the ability to offer its clients the personal attention they require. The system allows the laboratory to completely customize reports to their clients’ specifications and deliver them where and when they are needed. “This was the main reason we chose SurroundLab Plus,” Ms. Boyd explained. “The system is extremely customizable and it allows me to run my business on my terms to maximize our services to clients.”

“The workflow provided by SurroundLab for my staff is excellent. It is also very easy to interface with the various EHRs my clients have; this makes my life a lot easier,” Ms. Boyd added.

Southeast Clinical Laboratories has also installed Seacoast’s SurroundLab™ AR to help them with their billing and revenue cycle management. SurroundLab AR addresses Southeast’s financial needs with features that include a customizable order entry screen, front-end edit management and missing information processes, which ensures that all information is correct prior to billing, reducing the number of rejected claims.

This results in accurate billing and payment, with fewer denials, stronger relations between providers and payers and the avoidance of compliance issues. With a full array of financial management reports, SurroundLab AR’s Executive Dashboard makes critical business data available at Southeast’s fingertips, enabling management to make informed business decisions.

“SurroundLab AR makes it so easy to pull the management reports we need for our clients. I can pull the number of accessions and see immediate AR reports for any of my clients with just a few clicks,” Ms. Boyd commented.

When asked to comment on Seacoast Laboratory’s customer service, Ms. Boyd said: “They are always so helpful; I just like the overall management style of the company. They are never too busy to help with any issues that I may have.”

“They are a great company to partner with when it comes to laboratory information systems. They provide a superb system at a good value price point. I have worked with them for over 10 years and I could not be more satisfied with my results,” Ms. Boyd concluded.

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