Pain Management & Toxicology

The service and support of the Pain Management and Toxicology Client poses unique challenges for the clinical Lab. Seacoast understands those challenges, and has created several options within the LIS geared specifically to this market. These features include:

Medication Groupings by Class

Define each Drug Class, and the associated Medications, to support both patient Medication tracking and also reporting.  Using unique Patient IDs, SurroundLab allows you to accurately track Medication history, regardless of ordering Client.  Drug Class groupings are used to organize the results into an easy to interpret report format.

Robust Reflex Rules

Confirmation testing rules can be complex, and vary by both Client and Physician. Using SurroundLab’s Reflex Module, you can create custom confirmation testing rules, based on your Client’s exact specifications. Reflex Rules can also be designed to add report messages when samples pass or fail adulteration testing. In addition, auto label print at Reflex assists the lab in quickly processing the confirmation by alerting the technician to an additional testing order.

Instrument Interfacing Capabilities

SurroundLab includes full instrument interfacing capabilities, ensuring accurate results transmission and reporting without the hassle and inefficiency of manual results entry.  Plus our integrated Quality Control module allows instrument function verification to be completed and documented before patient results are released.

Customized Report Formats

Custom report formats allow you to cater to your most discerning Clients!  With standard and cumulative formats, along with messaging for expected and unexpected results, the Seacoast report provides a clean and professional display of your Lab results.

Integration with SurroundLab AR

Integration with SurroundLab AR provides for additional cross system features such as real-time Patient balance and ‘Bad debt’ alerts, Super Bill print, and Pricing Inquiry.


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