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In a busy Physician office, ease of use for any application is a must.  LabConnect Client Portal for SurroundLab Plus was designed with ease of use in mind, offering all the features your clients demand, without unnecessary complications.

 LabConnect Client Portal for SurroundLab™ Plus

is a secure and easy to use web application for your Clients to access patient reports and create lab orders.

Using LabConnect, you can provide secure web based access to lab documents such as:

  1. Patient Lab Reports

  2. Epidemiology Reports

  3. Critical Results Reports

  4. Results Trending Charts

  5. Standing Order Reports

  6. Scanned images of Requisitions

  7. Test Dictionary

In addition, LabConnect includes an optional Ordering module, allowing your Clients to create Laboratory Requisitions.  Order Entry includes Insurance selection, with Limited Coverage Checking and bi-lingual (English/Spanish) ABN form print, Label print, as well as real time Requisition status updates.

For labs that service Nursing Homes, LabConnect offers a Standing Orders module, allowing your Clients to create and manage Standing Orders for their patients.  The module includes Order and Label print as well as edit and other options to manage existing orders.

For additional information on our Nursing Home specific features, please click here.

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