Since 1986, Seacoast has built a proven track record of providing top-notch, tailor-made software solutions to the Laboratory industry.  Our Seacoast Suite of Products for the clinical lab, including our flagship LIS and RCM solutions,

are specifically designed for clinical labs. By seamlessly integrating and automating various processes, our systems empower you to achieve exceptional outcomes while minimizing the demands on personnel. Additionally, our cloud-based alternative ensures secure access to critical business systems, providing peace of mind and reducing your IT expenses.


Increase your operational efficiency by reducing your IT footprint while maximizing your staffing resources. Seamlessly adapt to shifts in the market and regulatory landscape while focusing on shaping your business according to your vision.


Join us at Seacoast and chart a course towards success!

Laboratory and Revenue Cycle Management software that’s fast and efficient

Offering full featured and tightly integrated software solutions, Seacoast provides the tools you need to keep pace and succeed in today's hectic workplace.

World Class Service and Support

All Seacoast Clients enjoy world class service and support from our expert team of Programmers and Analysts. The answer to your question is just a quick phone call away!

Scalable systems with customizable features

From boutique testing labs to full service reference labs, and everything in between, Seacoast has the software tools you need to grow your business.

Software solutions for integration & connectivity

Let us help you get connected! Fully interface capable to Reference Labs, LIS, DOH, EMRs, CRMs, Clearinghouses and more!

Customer Testimonials

Beth H.

“With Easy Pay, our workflow has been significantly streamlined by reducing the manual processing of patient payments. What use to take us over two hours to do can now be accomplished in 5 or 10 minutes with just a quick review of payment activity. Our efficiency has also improved because we print and mail far fewer paper statements”

Nicole B.

“The system is extremely customizable and it allows me to run my business on my terms to maximize our services to clients.”

Rosie C.

“We love our system and the service we get from Seacoast!”


Josh D.

“Seacoast Systems have provided the highest level of efficiency and scalability for The Pathology Laboratory.”


Save time & money managing Laboratory Data & Billing needs

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