Long Term Care

Nursing Home-Long Term Care

The service and support of the Nursing Home Client poses unique challenges for the clinical Lab. Seacoast understands those challenges, and has created several options within the LIS geared specifically to the Nursing Home market. These features include:

Standing Orders

Manage recurring orders with the Standing Orders Module. Create Orders, print Draw Lists and Requisitions, manage Order Changes and renewals. In addition, you can link Standing Orders to Lab Connect for easy printing of Draw Lists and Requisitions at the facility. Process orders into the LIS with minimal keystrokes required; recall all order information by scanning the Requisition barcode; verify and save.

Epidemiology Reporting

The SurroundLab™ Microbiology Module includes 5 base Epidemiology Reports. Use these formats for reporting to your Nursing Home clients, or create your own custom versions. In addition, you can link the Epidemiology Reports to Lab Connect for seamless reporting to your clients.

Cumulative Reporting

Recurring orders often require Cumulative Report formatting, to allow shifts and trends to be quickly and easily identified. With the custom reporting options available in SurroundLab, you can create report formats to meet your Nursing Home reporting needs. From grids to graphs, Seacoast can deliver reports that will be easy to review and interpret. In addition, you can use Lab Connect to deliver reports to your Clients instantly upon result release.

Contact PointLabConnect

Provide a single interaction point for your Nursing clients with Lab Connect. In addition to viewing patient Reports, your Nursing Home Clients can also:

  • Place and Edit Lab Orders/Standing Orders

  • View and Print Standing Order Requisitions

  • View and Print Epidemiology Reports

Report Faxing by Ward/Floor

For your facilities that prefer to receive reports via fax, multiple wards and floors within a single location can pose a challenge for standard LIS reporting. With SurroundLab, we developed the ability to fax directly to each ward/floor within a single facility.

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