Product News

April 2024

SurroundLabTM Data Insights

Your window to key business metrics!

Ready for a clear and comprehensive view into your critical business metrics? 

Discover the new cutting-edge Data Insights web report dashboard for

SurroundLab AR.

Explore the easy-to-use dashboard which includes industry standard

Key Performance Indicators providing valuable insights into your business performance.

Effortlessly analyze and evaluate your KPIs using our data export and online graphing tools.

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February 2024

Client Portal –

Skilled Nursing Home Worklist

Streamline your monthly Nursing Home Census process with the Skilled Nursing Home Worklist for Client Portal.

The SNF Worklist was designed with busy Laboratories in mind!  Seamlessly integrated into the Client Portal for SurroundLabTM AR, the SNF list can be securely accessed at your Client’s convenience, offering the flexibility to promptly review Accessions for Part A billing as soon as they are available.

Responses entered via the portal are immediately recognized in SurroundLabTM AR and processed through to invoice when applicable. This completely automated procedure not only saves time for your laboratory staff but also establishes a more direct and efficient route for the monthly Part A/3rd Party billing review process.

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January 2024

Mobile Payment Options with Easy Pay

In today’s hectic world, mobile options with secure and easy access are a must.  Easy Pay for SurroundLab AR provides your patients with the on-line payment options they prefer, and the seamless integration to SurroundLab AR you require. 

With support for both desktop and mobile devices, Easy Pay provides your patients and an easy to use app for all their invoice payment needs.

And with the optional Payment Plan feature, collecting patient payments has never been easier.




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