Easy Lab Print

The SurroundLab™ Easy Lab Print is a secure and easy way to deliver reports directly to a remote Client PC. By utilizing an intermediate web server, SurroundLab Plus is able to communicate with the end user’s PC, and deliver reports to their default printer. With SurroundLab Easy Lab Print, your lab can:

  • Avoid postage expense for mailed reports
  • Avoid delivery issues common with faxing, such as ‘line busy’
  • Deliver reports directly to the Client printer

Utilizing the existing Remote Printer Definition in SurroundLab Plus, and your web server, you can configure new Clients for in office report printing in just a few quick and easy steps. SurroundLab Easy Lab Print provides:

  • Simple and quick set up
  • Ease of use; just install it and forget it!
  • Reliable report delivery

Easy Lab Print for SurroundLab AR:
Easy Lab Print can also be used to send Missing Information Letters directly to a Client’s  office printer.

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