SurroundLab Plus

LIS Laboratory Information System

Optimize automation and increase efficiency in your Laboratory workflows with SurroundLab Plus, Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System

SurroundLab™ Plus is a fully customizable, feature-rich laboratory information system designed for the commercial marketplace. Now you can offer your clients the personal attention they require. The ability to completely customize reports to client specifications and deliver them where and when they want them is just the beginning of how SurroundLab Plus can empower your laboratory and your client. The Seacoast philosophy has always been that each client represents a unique business challenge. SurroundLab Plus was built to let you run your business the way you see fit.

SurroundLab Plus Features:

  • High through-put Order Entry, including:
    • Master Patient ID
    • Rules based automated duplicate Order processing logic
    • ABN checking and print
    • Patient ‘balance due’ alerts and Easy Pay for upfront collection of Patient CC Payments
  • Rapid receipt for HL7 inbound orders from systems such as Ellkay, PCC-PointClickCare, and many others!
  • 2-D bar code scan for Lab Connect Orders
  • Bar coded specimen labels
  • HL7 integration to all major reference labs, including LabCorp, Quest, BioReference, AEL and many others!
  • Customized Patient Report formats, with full support for:
    • Color reports with graphics
    • Embedded images
    • Custom algorithms for complex result interpretations
    • Report formats by Order Code type and Client
    • Monochrome versions for fax reporting
  • Unparalleled Report Delivery options, including:
    • HL7 with or without embedded PDF
    • Standard and internet based Faxing Solutions
    • LabConnect Web based InBox, with Mobile device recognition
    • SurroundLab Easy Lab Print (Client print)
  • Data Mining and Reporting Tools.

Additional Information:

Complete External Interface capability, including:

> Reference Laboratories
> Electronic Health Record Systems
> Interface Engines
> Sales Applications
> Optional inclusion of embedded PDF
> Interfaces include full support for LOINC

Process samples quickly and efficiently with SurroundLab’s analytical module, including:

> 5 Pending List formats
> Manage work via Load Build, Entry and Release
> Bi-directional instrument interface capabilities for both Clinical and Microbiology
> Rules based Auto-Release option
> Delta Checking
> Rules based Reflexing, for testing and messages
> Repeat Testing Alerts

Comprehensive Customer Service options including:

> Add on Test Request Tracking
> Client Issue Tracking
> Specimen Inventory
> Supply Order Module
> StatConnect for Client notifications
> Robust Inquiry options, including Scanned Reports and Requisitions

Management and Quality Reports, including:

> Order Utilization
> Turn Around Time
> QC Reports and LJ Charts
> Processor Productivity
> Accession & System Audits
> Client Activity
> Data access with SQL

Build your SurroundLab LIS with the modules that make sense for your business. Our complete suite of products include:

> General Clinical Lab
> Microbiology
> Quality Control
> Standing Orders
> Cytology/Paps
> Scanning/Document Management

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