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At Seacoast, service and support for our Clients is job #1.  Our customer service model is based on direct Client contact.


All Client support is handled by a dedicated programmer and analyst.  We do not utilize a large impersonal call center, where your issues and questions must be queued.  We do not require the use of an on-line ticket requesting system, with a queue that you must ceaselessly monitor for status. Your dedicated Seacoast support representative can be reached directly, via phone or email, and is ready to assist you!

Experience that counts!

At Seacoast, we understand that the Laboratory business presents our users with unique challenges.  For this reason, all support staff, both Lab and AR, have direct experience in the Lab industry.  Our collective years of support is quite impressive, with an employee average of 20 years of experience in the healthcare/laboratory/accounts payable environment.  Put our extensive experience and knowledge to work for you!

Training that fits your schedule!

Flexible training options are part of what we offer at Seacoast.  We provide both on-site training at your facility, as well as training at our home office in Portsmouth NH.  Looking for a more flexible and cost effective training solution?  We also offer web based training sessions that can be tailored to your specific training goals.  Whatever the training need, Seacoast has you covered with our comprehensive and flexible training options.

Ban the ‘work-around’!

Tired of submitting your change request to your vendor, in hopes that it will be approved for the next software release?  Tired of working through the user group framework for critical changes you need to implement?  At Seacoast, we offer the option for customization with all of our software products.  Create a system that works for you, the way you need it to.  Take control of your software wish list!

Stay in Touch – Product News and Updates

Our products are always growing!  We actively develop new and exciting adjunct products that work seamlessly with our core SurroundLab Plus and AR systems.  In addition to new development, we also offer our clients periodic updates to their core systems.  Product news is available on our website, and also in our company newsletter.

In today’s changing environment, keeping ahead of regulatory updates can be a daunting task.  For this reason, our analysts stay abreast of industry news, and share relevant updates with our clients through our newsletter, the ShoreLine.  Let us help you stay up to date with important product and industry news!

Additional Services

The suite of services available to our Clients extends beyond training and support, and includes supplemental options such as:

  • Project Management
  • Site Analysis/Operational Review
  • Software Specifications
  • Master File/Data Services

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