AR Worklist

Welcome to SurroundLab AR’s NEW Feature: The AR Worklist
Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems, Inc. is proud to announce a new feature to improve our customers’ ability to manage outstanding receivables from within the SurroundLab AR application. The new AR (Accounts Receivable) Worklist feature provides billing departments with a mechanism to create a Worklist and perform billing activities inside of the SurroundLab AR application. This allows for enhanced productivity by increasing the number of invoices your department can touch with this productivity improvement.
AR Worklist features include:

  • AR Worklists are created and are accessible from a new screen within SurroundLab AR – not as an external output file or paper
  • Includes flexible selection criteria to create custom AR Worklists for follow up and special review projects. Create custom AR Worklists by Financial Class, Payer, Service Date Range, Order Code, Credit/Debit Balances, and invoices without Invoice Notes added by a user, indicating no follow up yet…plus more!
  • No need to rerun the Worklist each day, SurroundLab AR stores it with the user initials displayed for easy access when needed until all invoices are worked and the Worklist is completed
  • Multiple AR Worklists may be created for a single User ID
  • Status of worked invoices is displayed to maximize focus on unworked invoices in the Worklist
  • Invoices may be Scheduled for future follow up in XX number of days
  • Shared access allows Managers to more closely monitor productivity in their Department

Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs with the AR Worklist

Reviewing and working claims to resolve the open balances from the SurroundLab AR Worklist can positively impact productivity and increase the number of invoices your revenue team will touch. An increase in invoices worked can mean an increase in cash received.
While the Aged Trial Balance Reports will always be an effective tool for managing your revenues, these reports take users outside of the SurroundLab AR application to identify the invoices in need of attention. The AR Worklist reduces time switching back and forth from spreadsheet to financial system and eliminates searching for the next invoice to work. This also means less Aged Trial Balance Reports to run, data mine and store.

Targeting Specific AR for Review

Billing Departments find it beneficial to identify and work accounts receivables with a common issue for faster resolution. These invoices may be targeted using the flexible selection criteria provided by the AR Worklist feature of SurroundLab AR. It is simple to identify claims with a similar follow up need for faster turnaround using:

  • Financial Class(es)
  • Payer(s)
  • Client(s)
  • Order Code(s)
  • Rejection Code
  • Minimum Invoice Age
  • Any many more!

Sample scenarios where targeting specific sets of claims can be beneficial:

  • Clean-up of claims aged beyond a specific number of days, for example 365
  • Avoiding Timely Filing Denials by creating a list for a range of service dates
  • Targeting specific Order Code with known concerns, such as bundling denials or additional documentation requests
  • Claims with the same Rejection Code – NPI/Credentialing or Medical Necessity denials
  • Invoices with no Invoice Notes entered suggesting no follow up activity has occurred

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